christmas past

When I saw the theme for this week’s gallery I knew exactly which photo I would use.

That is me, aged 9 months, with my Grandpa.

I don’t remember that christmas (hello, I was 9 months old…) but it looks like fun, doesn’t it? I was the first grandchild, so I expect I was spoilt rotten. And that christmas day was relatively quiet.

I’m pretty certain my Grandpa loved christmas. Every year he and my Granny would take us out to Toys R Us in November to buy us a little toy. I realise now it was also a cunning way of finding out what we might like without asking us. Afterwards we went to the cinema. More often than not the entire family (12 of us) spent Christmas day at my Mum’s. Santa kindly left stockings for everyone, and Grandpa would correctly identify every stocking present before unwrapping it. It was simultaneously awe-inspiring (I was little remember) and annoying.

This photo has been everywhere with me, taking pride of place in my room at university, and hanging on the wall in every house I have lived in since. My Grandpa died in 1992. If he was here today, christmas would mean spending time with his five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. And he would be the one insisting on building the lego/remote controlled car before lunch.

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