december challenge: how was it for you?

I’m a day early with this because I’m a keener. Actually I’m just trying to make up for my tardiness with setting my personal challenge this month. But let’s just gloss over that…

Way back, when December was just beginning I set myself the challenge of surviving.

I had three concerts to get through (24 songs to teach the kids. All of whom have special needs). I knew it would be hard work but my pupils always do me proud despite all the “Aww, miss, do we have to?”s. What I didn’t factor in was a stupid sinus infection that completely floored me for about a week.

I couldn’t afford to take a day off – those songs weren’t going to learn themselves – so I struggled on. Mostly powered by lemsip, karvol and sinutab.

In the end, all three concerts went brilliantly. The chair of governors even said the main one was the best yet. *bows*.

I made it to Christmas in one piece. Tired, but happy. I declare that a whopping big success.


And now it’s over to you. How did you get on with your personal challenge for December?

If you fancy joining in with a personal challenge of your very own, I’ll be back in a couple of days once my new year hangover has passed with a brand new challenge for January.



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2 thoughts on “december challenge: how was it for you?

  1. I'm not sure I survived December- 2 trips to the Sorting office to pick up the last errant parcel left me feeling distinctly under the weather. But I have a head start on January's challenge: I'm taking my cue from your 2011 photo blog, but trying it for a month.
    My recent post JANUARY : WHAT’S IN STORE?

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