oh dear no

Last week Laura tagged me in the Ultimate Christmas Song meme.

Now, I love Christmas songs as much as the next person, but right now, as I type this I am actually sick to bloody death of them. Not because I am all Bah Humbag or owt. More that I have been singing Christmas songs since October 31st and still haveĀ a concert to go tomorrow. I’m kinda all Christmas Song-ed out.

And then last week, during my year 8 music lesson, inspiration struck.

We have been doing samba drumming and salsa dancing all term. As a bit of fun for the last couple of weeks we have been learning a routine for Christmas to this little number

Never-Do-a-Tango-With-an-Eskimo by himupnorth

And while I do love many Christmas songs, this is going to be my pick of the pops. Mostly because I haven’t been singing it for six weeks.

And so to tag some more unsuspecting folk: Play it again Gemma, Kirsty and Marilyn

*I have never uploaded a song before, so if anyone can tell me how to do it properly and get the little play button here I’d be very grateful. Until then you’ll just have to click and click again to hear the song. Sorry about my technical malfunction…**

**EDIT: the wonderful him up north has only gone and fixed my technical glitch. Leg. End.

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