day zero: month twenty two

It’s been two months since I checked my progress on my day zero challenge. I blame Christmas.

Given that this round up should contain two whole months of achievements, you’d expect it to be chock full of things I can cross off my list. I hope we’re not sorely disappointed…

*deep breath*

2. Use our slow cooker at least once a month

Having found a recipe that is easy, everybody eats and involves no frying of onions before work, we are getting back on track with this one. There’s something odd about leaving the house at 7.30am and smelling you tea cooking though…

10. Buy a sewing machine

A couple of weeks ago my aunty asked me if I still wanted a sewing machine as she had found my granny’s old one in her loft. I may or may not have squealed. Mr TOPP may or may not have rolled his eyes.

Either way, I now have a sewing machine.

11. Teach myself to sew

I haven’t had time yet but given that I aim to decorate at least one room this year, I feel I may dabble into the soft furnishing world in the near future.

56. Win the lottery

I guess you need to buy a lottery ticket to be in with a chance of this one. Fail.

60. Decide which school we want the kids to go to

We applied at the beginning of December. We had two schools to choose from, one that pushes academically, one that is a bit more relaxed but still gets results. My gut feeling was with the second one. So, it turns out, was Big M’s and Mr TOPP’s.

We have to wait until April to find out. Fingers crossed.

61. Use my evenings more productively

Bear in mind that when I wrote my day zero list I was heavily pregnant, and pretty much surgically joined to the sofa. Now, nearly two years on, I spend my evenings running, working and/or flopped on the sofa. Much more productive. And now I have a sewing machine to help fill those evenings too…

67. Make a reusable, non chocolate filled advent calendar that can become part of our family christmas tradition

I totally did. It rocked.

80. Learn to delegate more

If there is one thing I learned during the run up to Christmas it’s that I have to delegate more. I nearly broke myself trying to organise and prepare for three concerts. I have people around me who are willing and able to take some of the pressure off me. I just have to trust them and mostly myself to let them do it.

89. Get a good photo of the four of us

Last October our entire family went for a photo shoot that we had bought my mum for her 60th birthday. There were 9 adults, 4 small people and a bump. We had photos taken in various combinations, and for Christmas we were given a copy of the photo of us four.


Not bad, all things considered.

Now I only have eleven months to complete the rest of the list. Easy, right?



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