january challenge: how was it for you?

Way back at the beginning of January, when the Christmas tree was still up I set my challenge for the month: to clear all the crap from our house.

We have a LOT of crap.

The plan is to start decorating the house this year, and in order to be able to cope with the chaos this will bring, we need to make room for things to be disrupted/even more muddled than usual. We have had things like a cot mattress, speakers, our old travel system and a gazillion dvds lying around that we no longer use/need.

For the first couple of weeks it looked very much like I was going to fail this challenge. The whole going back to work and not having christmas to look forward to kind of got in the way.

Then, last week, something happened, and Mr TOPP and I had a very productive Sunday getting everything on ebay. And blow me, we only went and sold everything.

Most of the stuff has now left the building. Which means I can go ahead and book the wallpaper stripper for half term.



And now it’s over to you. How did you get on with your personal challenge for January? Link up and let us know.

Want to join in? Come back tomorrow with your personal challenge for February.


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