february challenge: how was it for you?

I’m not sure I like the whole extra day in February thing. It has completely thrown me all day and I kind of feel cheated that I have to wait a whole extra day until my birthday.

Anyhoo, I digress.

A whole 29 days ago I set my personal challenge for February. And I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear whether I was successful or not. So without further ado…

I had earmarked the half term holiday to do the deed. On the Sunday we duly cleared the dining room and completely turned the rest of our house upside down in the process. Big M thought it was hilarious that we would be eating in the sitting room. Little M was just cross about it.

Turns out though, she wasn’t cross just because of the chaos caused by our impending DIY. As we breakfasted in the sitting room on Monday morning Little M decided to throw up in her weetabix. Nice.

No nursery for her then. I still had to pick up the wallpaper stripper I had booked, even with a toddler in tow. Apparently it isn’t safe for small folk to help with DIY so I had to wait until Little M had her nap.

In the end I managed to get the room done over two days while the M’s slept. And in the process we have kind of decided that our dining room will become our sitting room. We’ve also decided to get the boiler done which involves taking up the floor to find pipes etc. All further DIY has been put on hold until after the boiler has been replaced next week.

We’ll just have to get used to bare plaster walls for a while.


And now itโ€™s over to you. How did you get on with your personal challenge for February? Link up and let us know.

Want to join in? Come back tomorrow with your personal challenge for March.


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