four candles

Today my biggest baby is 4.


Last night before Big M went to bed I asked her some questions:

Me: So, Big M, how old are you today?

Big M: 3

Me: And how old will you be tomorrow?

Big M: FOUR!

Me: What has been the best thing about being three?

Big M: When I got the Angelina Ballerina costume.

Me: What’s your favourite colour?

Big M: Pink and purple.

Me: And what’s your favourite number?

Big M: 8.

Me: What’s your favourite thing to eat?

Big M: Spaghetti

Me: Who do you love?

Big M: You and Daddy and Little M and me.

Me: And who loves you?

Big M: You. And Daddy. And Little M.

Me: When you are a grown up and have to do a job, what do you think you might like to do?

Big M: Be a mummy and look after my sister.

Me: That’s a nice job to have. Would you like to have any pets?

Big M: A dog called Polly. Only it’s got to be a teeny tiny one. So it should be a puppy. A puppy called Polly.

Me: A puppy called Polly. That’s a bit of a mouthful! What’s your favourite thing to do?

Big M: Painting and sticking and drawing.

Me: What’s your favourite thing about Daddy?

Big M: When he gives me special things.

Me: Like what?

Big M: Um, cake!

Me: Ha! And what do you love about me?

Big M: When you give me presents and cake.

Me: And what do you love about Little M?

Big M: Because she always gives me cuddles and kisses.

Me: Aww, that’s lovely. Are you looking forward to your birthday?

Big M: Yes. Tomorrow’s my birthday.

Me: Yes it is your birthday. All day.


Happy birthday Big M! Thank you for making me a mummy and for four crazy, loud, amazing years. May your day be filled with spaghetti and cake.


*How did that happen?


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