angelina ballerina ballet classes: a review

Big M loves dancing. She rarely sits still, and will often ask for music to be put on to jump on the bed dance to. About a year ago I looked around for dance classes near our home, but found they were either stage schools (um, no…) or not suitable for children under the age of 4.

When I went back to work and Big M started going to nursery full time, we discovered she could do dance there on a Monday. Problem solved.

At least for now.

Big M starts school in September so the dance class problem will reappear.


And then I got an email from Angelia Ballerina. Or, more accurately her PR, asking if I knew anyone who would like to try her new ballet classes. Well yes, Angelina, I do.

I admit to knowing nothing about Angelina Ballerina, other than she’s a ballerina (the clue’s in the name though, right?). Angelina’s PR very kindly sent Big M an Angelina dressing up set, so we pretty soon established she’s a mouse.

Last weekend Big M and I set off for the ballet class. Because of Big M’s hectic social diary, we had been unable to go to the first lesson, and we were attending week three. When we arrived there were lots of girls in pink (gah) tutus. They were called in by their teacher and Big M and I followed. Big M was a bit shy to start with, but the friendly teacher soon got her dancing.

I know diddly squat about ballet, other than you have to point your toes a lot. The Angelina Ballerina lessons appear to teach proper ballet things (feet positions etc) through the telling of a story. In our case it was about a sleepover. The lesson lasted for 30 minutes which for 3-5 year olds is probably enough.

For me, everything was just a little bit too pink, but given Big M’s favourite colour is pink it was right up her street. When I asked Big M afterwards if she liked it she said she did and would like to go again. Unfortunately for us the classes are a 40 minute drive from home, which really isn’t ideal. If they were closer, then maybe we’d consider going again.  I did think it might be a bit pricey (about £8 for 30 minutes) but they do let you pay a deposit and have a settling in period to make sure your child is going to be happy doing the classes. I also have no clue about how much non-branded lessons would cost.

For more information check out Angelina Ballerina’s website.

Disclosure: Big M was invited to take part in the ballet lesson free of charge for the purposes of this review.


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