march challenge: how was it for you?

Way back in the autumn, having started running a mere two months before, I signed myself up for the sport relief mile. For some completely unknown reason I decided to opt for the six mile one, because, well, y’know. At the time I could barely run 2 miles.

I am mad.

Anyhoo, I figured I would have plenty of time to train and get up to six miles.


I didn’t factor in my mental strength or lack thereof. I have struggled to get past 3-4miles on my regular runs. Mostly because I can dive off at any time to get home, and I kinda do. Ho hum.

My personal challenge for March was to complete the six mile run. In training I got up to 4.65 miles, so even on the big day I had no idea if I’d manage it or not. I also always run in the evening, so the 10am start could prove my undoing.

The morning of the run was lovely and sunny. One that, in a previous life B.C. I would have been in a pub garden enjoying a pint/hair of the dog. I was running with my cousin and a friend, and we had a large cheerleading section of the crowd in the shape of the M’s, my mum, stepdad, aunty and uncle.

As it happens, I did manage it. In 1:01:09 to be precise.

Now I just have to double that distance and add a bit ready for the Great North Run in September.

Easy, right?



And now it’s over to you. How did you get on with your personal challenge for March? Link up and let us know.

Want to join in? Come back tomorrow with your personal challenge for April.


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