day zero: month 24

Two years ago, just a week before moving house, and a month before Little M finally decided to get out of me, I decided I didn’t have enough to do so I made myself a Day Zero list.

I have just eight months left, and have only completed 53.5% of my list. I’m beginning to realise that some of them are just not going to happen (unless a miracle happens). Still, we’ll live in hope eh?

2. Use our slow cooker at least once a month

We don’t use it once a month, but we have found a couple of recipes that the M’s will actually eat, so have started to use it a bit more regularly in the last few months.

3. Get better at doing the ironing on a regular basis

Um, well, no. I don’t do ironing. I am totally crossing this one off though, mostly because all our clothes are mostly crease free after I lovingly fold them post-tumble drying. The odd item that needs ironing gets ironed when it needs to be worn. Life’s too bloody short.

4. Keep on top of the laundry

All four of us have clean clothes every day. I’m going to take that as a win.

11. Teach myself to sew

That’s my personal challenge this month. Will let you know…

17. Keep the car clean inside and outside

Mr TOPP cleaned out the car a couple of weeks ago. Before that it looked like a cheerios factory had exploded in there. Since then though, we have tried very hard to keep it tidy. Mostly we’re doing ok.

25. Decorate at least one room in the new house

In February I stripped the wallpaper in our [then] dining room. Then we decided to get a new boiler and move the entire downstairs around. As a result we are still living with bare plaster walls. Once we have replenished our savings we’ll be cracking on and making our new sitting room a tad more pretty.

56. Win the lottery

In the two years since writing my list I have spectacularly failed to win the lottery. Mostly because I haven’t bought a ticket. Maybe I should start…

59. Switch to low energy light bulbs

We are doing this slowly but surely. Every time a bulb goes we replace it with a low energy one. I’m crossing this one off.

63. See my man playing in a gig whenever I can

I would, but he hasn’t done one for about six months. Can I cross this one off as I would watch him if he was playing? I think yes.

80. Learn to delegate more

I totally am. School have sent me on a Middle Leaders course and I am starting to delegate things to others. This makes my life so much easier mostly.


So, there we have it. Two years in, 58.5% complete.

I’d best pull my finger out if I am going to do the other 41.5% in eight months…


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