day zero: month twenty five

With six months to go I am coming to realise that I am not going to complete my day zero list within the allotted time. This makes me sad, mostly because I should have known I was being over ambitious with some of my goals. Still, we have to aim high eh?

Let’s see if we have crossed anything at all off this month:

11. Teach myself to sew

This is my personal challenge for this month, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about this one. Oooh, I am SUCH a tease.

30. Practise the piano and learn to play at least five songs properly

I recently got a new keyboard at school, and I love it. I now play in singing practise every week and also in lessons. I think this may count, even though it’s not technically a piano…

34. Teach the kids to swim

Having not been swimming since last summer for a while, we took the M’s a few weeks back. Big M loved it. Little M screamed the place down until she got out again ten minutes later. Because we are good parents, we took her back to face her fears the next week, and the week after that. While she still won’t let go of me, last week we actually managed to get her armbands on her, and she didn’t cry once. Not even when I washed her hair in the shower. In the meantime, Big M is actually able to mover herself doggy paddle style through the water. I think we’re getting there.

55. Find fun, cheap days out within an hour’s drive from home

When I was 11 and my granny died, my dad bought my siblings and me life membership to the National Trust. At the time I didn’t really appreciate it, but now? Oh my goodness. My membership allows me to take in two adults (including me) so that’s me and Mr TOPP sorted. As yet we don’t pay for the M’s. At easter we went on an easter egg hunt around a local National Trust property and had the best fun.

We have also been exploring local parks a bit more, and not just sticking to the one on our doorstep. I forget that there are three or four parks within a twenty minute walk of our house. We are so very lucky.

56. Win the lottery

I still haven’t bought a bloody ticket…

95. Remember to use the coupons we get sent, rather than leave them stuck to the fridge door

Little M is two in two weeks *sob*, so we are now officially “out” of all the baby clubs that sent us the coupons I always forgot to spend. I am therefore crossing this one off by default. Or because I am a cheat. Whatever.


So, there we have it. Only five months left to go to Dublin, Scotland and France and finish the decorating. Best get a wriggle on then.


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