day zero: month twenty seven

I appear to have been a bit slack on the blogging about my Day Zero progress since I crossed number 69. Must try harder…

Still, I have been quite busy you know.

11. Teach myself to sew

This was my April personal challenge. I pretty much did, and have since made a skirt for Little M out of an old pair of jeans and am in the process of making some cushion covers. Because I can’t knit at the moment (see 86), sewing is fast becoming my creative outlet.

24. Have a kid free weekend

I had one in April when Mr TOPP took the M’s down to the seaside to see their Granny. This wasn’t really what I meant by a kid free weekend though. While I enjoyed the novelty of having a lie in and being able to shower without someone walking in asking for help getting Kwazii to sit in his Gup it would be quite nice to have a kid free weekend with Mr TOPP. Maybe one day.

34. Teach the kids to swim

Because we are rubbish and have spectacularly failed to take the M’s swimming on a regular basis, we have signed Big M up for swimming lessons. She starts next week. If she gets into it then that might make us get up earlier our arses in gear more likely to go as a family more regularly. Pfffff.

86. Teach myself to crochet

Given that my wonky arm is still wonky, and is likely to be wonky for the foreseeable future, anything to do with knitting and crochet is unlikely to happen any time soon. Sad face.

87. Use up some of my stash before I buy any more

See 86.

100. Find out more about our family history so I can tell the kids as they grow up

Over the last month or so I have become like a woman possessed. I have taken it upon myself to research my dad’s family tree (my mum is in the process of doing her side). On one branch of the family I have managed to get back to my 11x great grandfather who was born in 1535. It’s slightly addictive, and something that should not be done when drinking wine. I may or may not have married my granny off to the wrong grandpa…

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