quotes of the week

Big M: Daddy, I’ll just go for a wee first. I’m starving for a wee.


Mr TOPP: What does a sheep say?

Little M: Baaaaaa

Mr TOPP: What does a pig say?

Little M: oink oink

Mr TOPP: What does a cow say?

Little M: waves arm à la pirate Miaow


Big M: Mummy, I have the sports bag! I’m bringing the sports bag home!

Me: Oh. Good.

Big M: to everyone we meet on the way out of nursery I’m taking the sports bag home!

Big M: Mummy, what’s sports?


In the car on the way home from nursery

Big M: Mummy can I hold the book and the sports bag?

Me: Do you have enough hands?

Big M: Yes. I have two.


Me: Little M, are you eating that or are you being a monkey?

Little M: Monkey. grins

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