quotes of the week

Big M: ‘Scuse me Mummy.

Me: Hang on a sec…

Big M: ‘Scuse me Mummy!

Me: Hang on… there you go.

Big M: I said ‘scuse me and you didn’t move. That is very rude. You are rude. I’m not very happy ’bout that.


Little M: shouts across the playground as I arrive at nursery HELLO MUMMY PANTS!


Big M: MUMMY!! Come to the top of the stairs quick as a flash!

Me: Yikes, are you ok?

Big M: Come, quick as a flash. There’s a black thing and I don’t know what it is!


Watching the olympics build up

Big M: I need one of those [microphone] to help me talk louder.


Watching the Olympic opening ceremony

Big M: can I watch an octonauts now? I’m getting a bit bored of this now.

Me: No, we’re watching this.

Big M: But I have two eyes remember. I can watch the octonauts and this.

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