quotes of the week

Big M: Mummy, do you know what? In the night Bunny wouldn’t snuggle up to me.

Me: Really? That’s not nice of Bunny.

Big M: No. For some reason she was egg noring me.



Little M: through baby monitor  6:52am MUH-MEEE! MUH-MEE!

Mr TOPP: why don’t we just get her. She can come and snuggle up here until Big M wakes up.

Me: nnnggghhh, ok [stumbles downstairs and gets Little M]

Mr TOPP, Little M and I snuggle up

Two minutes later Big M clomps up the stairs and climbs in the bed too.

Little M: Move up effry body.

Little M: MOOVE!

Little M: No more space for my LEGS! [raises legs in air and drops down at speed]

Me: *sigh* Mr TOPP, I am never listening to you again. Ever.

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