five star

On Saturday, Big M turned five.


I’m pretty sure she only just learned to hold her head up.

Anyhoo, the night before her birthday, we had a little chat.


Me: Hello

Big M: Um, hello…

Me: How old are you today?

Big M: five

Me: Five? Today?

Big M: No, four!

Me: How old will you be tomorrow?

Big M: FIVE!!

Me: What’s been the best thing about being four?

Big M: Painting

Me: What did you start doing in Spetember?

Big M: Going to school.

Me: Do you like school?

Big M: Yes.

Me: What’s your favourite thing to do at school?

Big M: Ummmmmm… Paint!

Me: What’s your favourite thing to do at home?

Big M: Colour.

Me: Who do you love?

Big M: YOU!!

Me: Anybody else?

Big M: Daddy and Little M. And my cousins. And L and M {her friends}. That’s who I love. I like other people but those are the ones I love.

Me: What’s your favourite thing about Daddy?

Big M: ummmm… when he let me come to hospital.

Me: When he let you come to hospital?!!!

Big M: Yes.

Me: When? mild panic setting in

Big M: When Little M was in your tummy.

Me: *relieved sigh* Oh! That was a long time ago! What’s your favourite thing about Little M?

Big M: When she kisses me.

Me: Awwww. And what’s your favourite thing about me?

Big M: When you give me presents.

Me: What’s your favourite thing about you?

Big M: I don’t know.

Me: One thing.

Big M: Don’t know.

Me: Oh, well maybe we should think about that then. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Big M: A fairy.

Me: Cool. What’s your favourite colour?

Big M: Pink and purple.

Me: And what’s your favourite number?

Big M: Eight.

Me: What are you going to do for your birthday?

Big M: Go to the soft play!

Me: When you are five, what is one thing you would like to do?

Big M: Go out for tea.

Me: I’m pretty certain that can be arranged.


And so it was. A birthday tea at Pizza Express. Happiest of happy birthdays Big M.

You can see what she said last year here.

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