I love twitter. I always have. I admit it took me a while to warm up to it, but once I’d worked out what was going on there was no stopping me.

Mum got twitter too. Over dinners some of our family would question our love of the 140 characters, wondering how on earth you can “know” someone you’ve never “met”.

Mum and I managed to convince a few of them, and they signed up. Others remain steadfast in their distrust of social media.

That’s cool.

Each to their own.

But I love it. I love it even more after the last couple of weeks.

When mum first died, I was blown away by the response on twitter. People I had never “met” sending me warm, heartfelt messages about how much they loved my mum. Some of them had never “met” her either. But they knew her.

And the support shown to me, both by real life friends (who are brilliant) and by people I have never “met” is amazing. I can’t quite find the words to say how much I appreciate the kindness people have shown.

Yesterday the postman put a parcel through the door.



It was from Jen, who had also known my mum on twitter. She has never “met” mum or me, but yet she sent me this to help “during some of the darker moments”. So thoughtful, so kind.

I have had so many messages, DM’s, comments on my blog from people who I have never “met” but who want to help me through this awful time. Making sure I’m ok, letting myself grieve, being kind to myself. The answer is “I am” to all three of those, btw.

Yesterday muddling along mummy left this comment on my post 9 1/2 weeks.

Oh TOPP I’m so sorry – sending inadequate virtual hugs

Well do you know what? The hugs may be virtual, but they are in no way inadequate. ┬áIn fact virtual ones are just as important, just as real as the ones I’m getting from friends and family close by.

I may never persuade some people that social media is a Good Thing.

But it is.

A Really Good Thing.

Thanks friends x


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