how to piss your other half off in one easy move

I have a 40 minute drive to and from work, and I often use the journey home to make important phone calls (e.g. catching up with friends and family, booking appointments etc). Sometimes I need to impart vital information to Mr TOPP as a result of these phone calls. However, he is usually in an important meeting at the time I am driving home so phoning him isn’t really an option.

Although I have been known to do it anyway. *ahem*

In December I upgraded my fruit based phone from a 4 to a 5. This was very exciting for me for many reasons mostly because I am sad including that I now have the option to use Siri.


The other day, Mr TOPP had a big day marking his students’ final projects. I knew I couldn’t phone him, but needed to check he would be around for an electrician.

“I know,” I thought, “I’ll use Siri to send him a text.”

Twenty five minutes later:


I should probably have just phoned.


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