My mum died on Saturday 13th April.

She was a wife, mum, daughter, sister, granny, aunt, friend.

I haven’t yet got the words to write about her, her life and her death. That will come when I have time to catch my breath.

My mum joined twitter back in 2009 and I remember doing that teenage “aww muuuuuum” thing. But it actually became “our” thing. Since she died on Saturday I have been blown away by the response on twitter. As her family we have always known how strong, driven and loving she was. To see people who she had never actually met but that knew her through twitter describe her in the same way has been amazing. Some of her 1,373 followers who blog have felt moved to write about her and how she influenced them. If you have written about my mum (@IkenCEO) then please share it using the linky below so that one day I can show her grandchildren what a truly amazing woman she was.

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