powering through

Monday was always going to be a tricky day.

It was exactly a month since my mum died. But is was also Little M’s birthday. There was no way I could not think of mum, but I knew she would be telling me to make sure Little M had a great day. So that was my plan.

As I got ready for work welled up a couple of times, but I breathed deeply and pulled myself together.

I powered through a whole day’s teaching, not giving myself any time to stop and dwell.

Then when I got home, it was full on Birthday.

Once the M’s had gone to bed I got changed and headed off to play netball for the first time in WEEKS.

All good.

Powering through.

And then…

I caught the ball. My left ankle gave way. I heard a crack. I tried to stand up, but my ankle rolled and cracked again.


48 hours, an x-ray and several paracetamol later, we’ve established that it’s not broken, but I have damaged ligaments and a foot that looks like this:


Monday was a Tough Day.

But I’m powering through.

Just a bit slower than normal thanks to the crutches.



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