When I saw the theme for this week’s gallery, I knew who I would be writing about.

My mum.

One of the strongest, driven and loving people I have ever known.

A woman who had a family, a successful business, who never stopped.

I always knew she was pretty amazing, but after she died I was blown away by the response from people she had known. At her memorial service, people spoke warmly of a woman who was passionate, thoughtful and caring. People who came from every aspect of my mum’s life: work, childhood, family, friends. The church was packed. Literally. There were people standing at the back because there were no seats left. We reckon about 300 people came to say goodbye. Since she died I have learned how truly inspirational she was, to so very many people. I could not be more proud.


She was so full of life, with plans to do so much. It’s two months (tomorrow) since she died. I still can’t get my head around that fact. I still can’t comprehend how she isn’t in the world.

But then I look at the M’s, and I know that a part of her lives on in them.


Two little women who are truly inspirational.

And bonkers.

Just like their Granny.


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