I have been a grown up for half of my life. For quite a lot of that time I have had a proper, grown up job with actual responsibility.

This means that I have to at least look the part, and therefore have clean clothes every day. I blame this on the fact that I have small children who wipe snot/chocolate/weetabix on me, but more often than not it’s really because I have dribbled coffee down my top and/or dropped my lunch in my lap.

But I digress…

My clothes are clean at least for five minutes when I first put them on. They are not, however, ironed.

Life is too short.

I have perfected the art of hanging up my clothes to dry in such a way as they have minimal creases. And if it’s raining which let’s face it is pretty much all the time we use the tumble drier.

Occasionally I am forced to iron an item of clothing. Mostly it’s because I have to attend a function at school and look all professional and stuff.

So I begrudgingly iron my clothes.

Traditionally this took place in my classroom, an hour before Parent’s Evening or my concert, and invariably involved a table standing in for an ironing board.

Last year I liberated acquired an ironing board from the technology department so I could do proper ironing. In my classroom.


I have a concert tomorrow.

I have just ironed my clothes in preparation. At home.


I think this shows progress.

After 18 years of trying, I may actually be a grown up.



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