quotes of the week

After a visit to the Golden Arches as a post-dance show treat

Little M: We never seed da sheep Mummy?

Mr TOPP: Sheep?

Me: Huh? We were looking for sheep?

Big M: *confused face*

Little M: We didn’t see dem. Da sheep.

Me: What sheep?

Little M: At McDonalds.


Sitting outside {open} kitchen window

Big M: Little M, why don’t you put your ice-cream on your head?


Me: Big M, I have a two pound coin. Could I swap it for two of your pound coins that you got for your birthday please?

Big M: Of course Mummy. But will you give me extra money for giving you money?


At the local fair

Little M: I want a tattoo.

Me: Ok, but after that that’s all your money gone.

Little M: No it’s not.

Me: Yes it is. Look, there’s nothing left in your purse.

Little M: But you can put more money in dare.


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