quotes of the week

Little M: I drawed a picture for Grandpa. And I drawed one for Granny Beth.

Me: Oh that’s nice.

Little M: I can give Grandpa his when we get home. I give Granny’s when we go to her house.

Me: Sweety, do you remember that Granny died? We can’t see her anymore.

Little M: Yes, I know. But when she’s back to normal I can give it to her.

Me: *sniff*


Little M: Mummy I don’t want bunches today, I want a Tony Pail.


Little M: It was Theo’s last day at nursery today.

Me: Oh, is he going to school?

Little M: No, Spain.


Little M: Daddy still in London?

Me: He’s not in London, he’s in Seattle. Can you say Seattle?

Little M: No. I can only say London.


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