quotes of the week

Big M: Batman doesn’t have magic powers, he’s just a chef.


Little M: Does my hair look prettyful mummy?


Little M: Mummy, I need a new lip bum. I need to lip my bum right now.


Little M: Can you and Big M and Mummy take me to nursery one day?

Mr TOPP: Yes, maybe one day.

Little M: And then we can go in the Fireman Sam cave. I not been there before.

Mr TOPP: Huh?!

Little M: Yes. When you go down the hill there’s the Fireman Sam cave. I not been there. I’d like to go there. See all the Fireman Sams. And when we get there we have to walk in and say “Hello! We here!”.


Pointing at a bald man and speaking VERY loudly

Little M: I like that man. He’s got no hair like daddy.

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