nought point two

Way back when, before we moved house, had Little M or pictured a life without my mum, I wrote myself a mahoosive To Do list.

I love a good To Do list.

Like most of my To Do lists, however, it remained incomplete. Some of the targets I set myself were too unrealistic, some I just never got around to doing.

The last six months have been crazy. And not really in a good way.

But, as we go back to school for a new year, I feel determined to make a new start. And after a conversation on twitter with @apprentice_hw I decided to write myself a new Day Zero list. Taking what I’ve learned from the last one, I’ve tried to stick to things that I want to do and that I think should be achievable.

1. Finish decorating the front room

2. Do the bathroom

3. Do the kitchen

4. Sort the back garden

5. Decorate Big M’s room

6. Decorate Little M’s room

7. Decorate the dining room

8. Sort outside bathroom

9. Run regularly

10. Run a 5k

11. Run a 10k

12. Run a half marathon

13. Join a running club

14. Finish knitting the jumper I started in 2009

15. Crochet a granny blanket

16. Make a cushion (or maybe 2)

17. Teach the M’s to swim

18. Find an instrument for Big M to learn

19. Go camping

20. Go on a holiday abroad

21. Go to Scotland

22. Go to Dublin to show the M’s where we used to hang out

23. Phone friends and family more regularly

24. Eat my 5 a day

25. Drink more water

26. Get Little M out of night time nappies

27. Make an item of clothing using sewing machine

28. Restart monthly Personal Challenges

29. Watch less TV

30. Join a book club

31. Go up Snowdon with my Dad

32. Take the M’s to a firework display

33. Keep the car clean inside and out

34. Order photos and put in albums from last two years

35. Send photos of the M’s to my granny regularly

36. Make sure clean washing gets put away

37. Set up reward charts for the M’s

38. Keep lesson plans organised

39. Update all Schemes of Work

40. Have a regular Date Night

41. Listen to more music

42. Play instruments in the house so the M’s get to hear them

43. Keep bedroom tidy

44. Put things away instead of in a pile

45. Sort filing monthly

46. Sort out books the M’s have grown out of

47. Sort out toys the M’s have grown out of

48. Blog more

49. Blog about my progress on this list regularly

50. Go three months without borking myself

51. Take medication

52. Go to bed at a sensible time on school nights (except on special occasions)

53. Go through clothes and get rid of things I no longer wear

54. Use up some of my stash

55. Re-upholster Granny’s chair

56. Learn to embroider (letters if nothing else)

57. Get a new sofa

58. Get new stair carpet

59. Plant a hanging basket

60. Build a helter skelter sandcastle

61. Swim in the sea

62. Go rock pooling

63. Build a dam on the beach

64. Go crabbing

65. Go for a spa day

66. Have a child free weekend

67. Take the M’s to London

68. Go on the Santa Express

69. Take the M’s to the cinema

70. Take the M’s to the theatre

71. Use my camera more

72. Find more meals that EVERYONE will eat

73. Eat some Brie

74. Eat some Dairy Milk

75. Have a family movie night

76. Get chickens

77. Go to France and see if any of my A Level French has stuck in my brain

78. Update photo wall

79. Do something with the Cats’ ashes

80. Use Audible credits

81. Keep desk tidy

82. Develop a sensible in-tray system, rather than pile everything up

83. Do the same at home

84. Send letters back to school/nursery on time

85. Read an actual book

86. Sort out the messy corner in our bedroom

87. Have hair cut every holiday

88. Join in with The Gallery and Silent Sunday regularly

89. Read more blogs

90. Comment more on blogs I read

91. Reply to comments on this blog

92. Teach the M’s to sew

93. Get a button and sew it on to the trouser I promised Mr TOPP I’d fix five years ago

94. Be better at doing stuff when it’s supposed to be done (see 93)

95. See a chiropractor about wonky arm

96. Make transition to barefoot running

97. Do 200 sit ups

98. Do a sub 10 minute mile

99. Find an eye makeup remover that *actually* removes waterproof mascara

100. Floss

101. Tell Mr TOPP and the M’s that I love them every single day

I officially start this today (2nd September 2013) which means I should be done by 30th May 2016.

Easy, right?

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