impact free petite sports bra: a review

So, you know how I like to run? Except when it’s cold, dark and/or rainy.

You also know how, after breastfeeding two small people a few years back my once generous chest has now shrunk away?

Did you also know that boobs can bounce up to 21cm during exercise? NOR DID I.

That there is reason enough to invest in a good sports bra. Or not do exercise. Whatever.

A while back Royce Lingerie sent me one of their Impact Free Petite bras to try. I should at this point make it clear that the Impact Free bras are general sports bras, suitable for any activity. I just happen to run. Sometimes.

I found it a lot easier to put on that other sports bras I have, and it was remarkably comfy. If I’m totally honest, I’ve only worn it a couple of times for actual running, but I did test it out when on residential in Crete as it was the only bra I had that went with my racerback top. It’s all about avoiding strap lines people…

I found the Impact Free Petite to be very comfortable, both when doing sport and generally. When running I felt supported. There was no chafing or rubbing, and because it’s wire free there’s nothing digging in anywhere. ┬áThere are also “modesty pads” which help create a good shape under your sports clothes. These can also be removed and used to house a prosthesis should you need to.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Impact Free Petite bra. I’m sure we’ll be running many many miles together. At least once it gets warmer again…

The Impact Free Petite is available in 30 -36 A-D cups, with ladies who are lucky enough to be better endowed able to opt for the Impact Free (available up to a K cup). You can find the entire Impact Free range here.

Disclaimer: I was sent an Impact Free Petite free of charge for the purposes of this review.
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