more than skin deep

When I was younger I was an avid reader of celebrity filled magazines. You know the kind: the ones that wonder if so and so is pregnant because they have a bit of a belly, or whether such and such and her boyfriend of five minutes are getting married.

As I got older I had less time (and money) to spend on such trivia, and the magazine habit died out.

Now I am older and, I like to think, wiser, I can’t understand why I would want to read such crap.

This is, in no small way, due to being a Mum. In particular, a Mum Of Girls.

Last week @specbubble and I were on twitter bemoaning the daily fail and the fact that they’d made some ludicrous claim about women in long term relationships being overweight. The reader comments had included things along the lines of “women are all fat lazy bitches with too many tattoos”.

Well, as I said at the time, I’ll take fat and lazy, but I resent the tattoo bit.

Seriously though, isn’t love/admiration/friendship more than skin deep?

Yes, you may initially be drawn to someone because of the way they look, but looks fade. In order to maintain a long term healthy relationship/friendship you need to know that you’ve got each others’ back. That you will push each other to achieve great heights, and catch each other if you fall.

I don’t want my children growing up and judging a person’s worth on the amount of cellulite they may or may not have or the size of their waist. I don’t want them feeling in any way inadequate because they don’t look a certain way.

I want them to judge people based on their actions and achievements; to celebrate successes that have been earned through hard work and determination; to know that sometimes things go wrong but at least you tried; and that having a go is better than not even trying.

And then @specbubble and I continued to rant for a little bit (we’d had some wine) before one of us suggested we should start a magazine (or more likely a blog) to celebrate people for what they have done. Not what they look like. What do you reckon? Is it a bonkers idea that nobody would go for? Or would you read it?

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