tiddlyompompom made: rice hand warmers

I have been on a bit of a sewing journey of late.  I love the feeling of satisfaction and pride when I have made something beautiful. Or at least beautiful to me.

I was looking forward to half term and having more time to make things, and to learning new techniques. If I could just be brave enough to tackle a zip i’d be away…

Anyhoo, last week my sewing machine packed up, so has gone to the Sewing Machine Doctor to be fixed.

So, in the absence of being able to make anything, I am going to show you something I made last week for Mr TOPP’s valentines present.


Mr TOPP suffers with cold hands. And when I say cold I mean fuck off freezing. This comes in handy when I have a fever, but the rest of the time he likes to sneak up on me or the M’s and use the small of our backs to warm his hands. Tsk.

For valentines day I decided I would make him some rice hand warmers. I had seen several on pinterest, and because I am clearly still a beginner sewist (I have just realised why people who sew are not called sewers…) I decided to just go for it. No pattern, no tutorial, nowt.

I’m mad me.

I cut my fabric into strips (I made two hand warmers, therefore cut two strips). I wanted the finished hand warmer to be square(ish) so the width was the size I wanted (plus seam allowance) and the length was 2x the width (plus the seam allowance).


With the right sides together I sewed the two sides starting at the fold.

IMG_0518 IMG_0519

I left the third side open to get the rice inside.

My hand warmers are 10cm square and I put in one each of these spoonfuls of rice.


I could probably have filled them a bit more.

You could also add some dried lavender or something at this point. I didn’t but kinda wish I had so that the heated hand warmers smell of something nicer than plain old rice.

I then folded the open end in and stitched it up. It was at this point my sewing machine decided to have it’s breakdown, so I had to sew the second one by hand. I hate hand sewing, so I think that proves just how much I love Mr TOPP.


To use: heat the hand warmers in the microwave for about a minute and a half. Hold in hands and enjoy the warmth. Be careful when you first get them out as they might be hot!



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