tiddlyompompom made: a staple dress

You’ll remember  a couple of months ago I was properly getting my sewing mojo on?

That all came grinding to a halt when my  machine decided it needed a break at the repair shop. Once I had it back, it took a couple of weeks to get back into  the groove.

But then the sun came out and I was inspired to make a spring dress.

Kelly (who is rapidly turning into my sewing mentor) had suggested ages ago that I look at the staple dress pattern by April Rhodes. Well, I took a look, liked what I saw and promptly printed the pattern out.

The pattern was really easy to follow, although there were a couple of parts that I had to read more than twice. I am particularly chuffed that I now know how to do french seams. I also had to add neck and sleeve facings, which I had never done before. One thing I am finding is that my machine does not like going over several layers of fabric (for example when hemming over seams), so there are a couple of wonky bits, but only if you look verrrrry closely.

Despite that, I’m pretty chuffed – my stitches are neater and straighter than ever before.


I was tempted to leave the dress without the shirring because, quite frankly, it looked too scary.

But then I though bugger it, and went for it anyway.

Turns out it wasn’t scary, just a little tense. The first line was easy as the fabric was flat, although I found it hard to work out how to get all the fabric through  the machine without stitching wrong bits together.


I managed it though, and added another two rows.




I may go back and add a couple more if I’m feeling crazy up to it one day.

And then, when it was finished the nice weather promptly disappeared for a couple of weeks, meaning my lovely new dress has been cooped up in the wardrobe.

Until this weekend, when the sun came out again.

There’s something very satisfying about wearing an item of clothing you have made yourself. I plan to do more of it.



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