four she’s a jolly good fellow

Today my littlest M is four.


Not sure how that is possible, but apparently it is.

Last night, as is becoming our tradition, I sat down with the nearly birthday girl and asked her a few questions.


Me: Hello Little M.

Little M: *blinks* *Looks suspiciously at the phone recording our conversation*

Me: How old are you today?

Little M: Three!

Me: And how old will you be tomorrow?

Little M: FOUR!!

Me: That’s so grown up! What is your favourite food?


Me: Nom. What’s your favourite number?

Little M: A hundred.

Me: Do you know how to write one hundred?

Little M: A one anna zero anna zero.

Me: That’s right. What’s your favourite colour?

Little M: Pink.

Me: What’s your favourite toy?

Little M: Bunnies.

Me: Bunnies? What bunnies? You don’t have any bunnies…

Little M: Nah. I like babies.

Me: Ah yes, you do like babies. Who do you love?

Little M: Mummy, Daddy and Big M.

Me: Awww. And who loves you?

Little M: Granny Seaside.

Me: Anyone else?

Little M: *shakes head*

Me: Not even Mummy and Daddy and Big M?

Little M: Yes you do!!

Me: Of course we do… What’s your favourite thing to do at nursery?

Little M: Sticking.

Me: Ah yes {I have removed PVA glue from her hand and her hair this evening}. And what do you like to do at home?

Little M: Painting.

Me: What are you going to have for your birthday tea?

Little M: Green Pasta. And birthday cake for pudding.

Me: Yummy! What’s your cake going to be?

Little M: A farm.

Me: So cool. Do you think you might like to be a farmer when you grow up?

Little M: *nods*

Me: What would you keep on your farm?

Little M: Cows… I don’t wanna be a farmer when I grow up. I wanna be Little M.

Me: That’s fine. But when you’re a big grown up Little M, what would you like to do for a job? What would you like to be?

Little M: You!!

Me: Me? Then who would I be?

Little M: Me!

Me: Bonkers! And if you were mummy what would you do?

Little M: I’d be Little M.

Me: Oh, alright. But when you grow up what job would you like to do? When you have to go out to work like Mummy and Daddy, what job would you want to do?

Little M: Go to your school.

Me: And be a teacher?

Little M: Yeah.

Me: That’s cool.

Little M: blubaluballub

Me: Are you a crazy monkey?

Little M: Yup.

Me: What’s your favourite song?

Little M: Twinkle twinkle little star.

Me: What’s your favourite thing about Daddy?

Little M: I like baking cakes with Daddy.

Me: And what’s your favourite thing about Mummy?

Little M: I like going to nursery with you.

Me: What about Big M?

Little M: Playing. I like playing lego but Big M doesn’t want to.

Me: Oh, that’s a shame. Lego is cool. What do you like to make?

Little M:  A rocket. And a house. And a park. And a jungle.

Me: Lego is awesome isn’t it?

Little M: *nods* Yup.


And so are you Little M.

May your day be filled with lego and rockets and jungles and farms. And sausages.

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