my me made may

A month ago I signed up for the Me Made May challenge. My pledge was to wear one item of clothing per week that I had made myself. Sounds doable, right?

Well, yes. But at the time I signed up I had only got one completed item of clothing.

I did have a secret weapon up my sleeve though, in the form of a sewing workshop on the 3rd of May during which I would be making nearly two whole tops.

And I had a pattern ready and waiting to be made at home. It still isn’t finished, but that’s due to a technical hitch. Mostly.

I have loved taking part in Me Made May 2014.  There’s something pretty cool about wearing clothes I have made myself, knowing that nobody else in the world has one quite like mine.Probably with fewer wonky seams. And when people in the street/shop/work say “Ooh, I love your top!” the novelty of being able to say “I made it myself” has not worn off. I doubt it ever will.

I will definitely be taking part in Me Made May 2015. And by then I would like to be able to wear several items of clothing I have made myself per week.

Best get sewing then.

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