the tooth fairy cometh

For months now, Big M has been asking when she would get a wobbly tooth. Gradually her friends have begun to lose teeth, and I think she was feeling left out.

As a family we teethe late. I got my first tooth at one year, one month and one week old. Big M got hers at 11 months, Little M at 1 year and a day. It was inevitable she would be one of the last to start losing her baby teeth.

Yesterday she asked me to check her bottom tooth at the front as she thought it *might* be wobbly.

Rolling my eyes, because this was the eleventy seventh time she’s asked me I tried her tooth. It wobbled. As did the one next to it.

When I confirmed her suspicions her little face lit up. I genuinely cannot believe how excited she is to finally have a wobbly tooth.

I genuinely cannot believe how emotional I felt about this little milestone. It’s like the first physical sign that she is Growing Up. Apart from the actual, literal growing up she’s done, obviously.

And then the discussion came about the Tooth Fairy.

I’d forgotten that part.

Does anyone know the going rate?

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