tiddlyompompom made: a kimono t-shirt

A couple of weeks ago my old sewing machine went BANG.

This made me sad for many reasons:

  • it had been my Granny’s machine and was at least 50 (possibly 60) years old.
  • it was cool and vintage looking
  • I had learned everything I know (admittedly not a lot) about sewing on that machine

I could probably get the motor replaced, but chances are it will cost as much as a new machine. Ever since I went to a sewing workshop earlier this month I have begun to realise how much more I could do with a modern machine.  After a bit of research and some advice from twitter friends, I decided to go with a Brother machine as that is what we had used at the workshop and I knew I liked the machines.


I have spent the last few days getting to know my new toy while trying to make the top I had cut out a before my old machine died. It was all going well, and this post was originally destined to be about a 1940s style top, but then I had to insert an invisible zip.

I tried.

It didn’t go so well.

So I have put that top to one side until I have watched eleventy seven youtube videos to show me what to do, and instead decided to make a kimono t-shirt from Maria of Denmark.

Every time I wear my Coco top people (including total strangers) have stopped me to tell me how much they like it. I had loads of the fabric left so I decided to use it to make the kimono t-shirt.

The pattern is a free PDF download when you sign up to Maria’s newsletter. I’ve used a few PDF patterns, and this was by far the easiest to stick together.

Going by my measurements I should have made a medium, but given the seam allowance isn’t  included and that I didn’t want my t-shirt to be too clingy I cut out a large. I also added 7cm on the length to make a longer top.

I decided to ignore the neckline instructions, and used fusible tape around the neckline, turn the fabric over and stitch using a double needle. This is what I had done with the Coco, so I knew the fabric would be ok.

From printing to finished garment took no more than three hours, even for a novice like me.


Just when I thought I was going to fall at the final hurdle of my Me Made May challenge, I pulled it out of the bag.





(Let’s all just note that it is almost June and I am wearing my uggs. Not cool, Summer.)



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