tiddlyompompom made: one and three quarter tops

If you’d asked me twenty years ago if I would ever consider spending a whole Saturday learning to sew I would have laughed in your face.

On Saturday I spent the day at a local haberdashery learning to sew jersey and knit fabrics.

In your face 17 year old me.

I went with a couple of friends and spent the afternoon in a room with 7 other women making ourselves a couple of tops.

First we made ourselves a simple t shirt.


Although it’s not perfect, I am really quite pleased with it. Especially the fact that I have lined up the stripes so well.



After lunch we started to make a Coco top from Tilly and The Buttons.

The fabric I chose is really pretty, but I soon found that it was a bugger to cut as it’s REALLY stretchy. And when our teacher said “that’s going to be a bitch to sew” I kinda regretted my choice. (Note to self, next time don’t buy online, go to the shop and feel the bloody stuff).

Anyhoo, after much swearing under my breath (I was in a room full of people I didn’t know remember, and I *think* I had them convinced I was relatively normal and polite…) I got the pieces cut.

Turns out that once I got started it wasn’t such a bitch to sew as we thought.


I managed to get the neckline, the sleeves and the side seams done before the workshop finished. I just have to hem it and finish the sleeves. Easy.


A couple of weeks ago I signed up to Me Made May 2014, and pledged to wear one thing per week that I have made myself throughout May. Yesterday I wore my new stripy t shirt.


That’s this week’s target reached then. Now to get my Coco finished before next week…



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