sew what next?

I have only been sewing for six months but I am finding myself falling for it big time. Taking a flat piece of fabric and making something beautiful and/or useful is immensely satisfying. I spend a lot of my time wondering what to sew next.

My stash is growing rapidly. So much so that it required a new home.


I love opening that case. Looking at all the beautiful colours and designs and wondering what each will become.


My pattern stash isn’t growing at quite the same speed. I’ve made a couple of cocos, t-shirts and a mortmain dress. I have at least one more mortmain planned with my stash. And a Megan dress from Tilly and The Buttons book Love At First Stitch.

While I love all of those patterns (hello,  why would I make them if I didn’t? Duh…) I am beginning to feel I need to branch out. And maybe start thinking about an autumn wardrobe. I don’t get time to go to a haberdashers and browse the patterns very often if at all. So far most of my pattern choices have come about through twitter recommendations or random internet searches. So far I’ve got lucky but I should probably start to develop more of a strategy. How do you decide what to sew next? What are your favourite go-to makes? Have you got some patterns to recommend? I’d love a few suggestions 🙂

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