piercing question

The other day Big M asked me the Piercing Question. Could she have her ears pierced? Pleeeeeeeeease? I said not until she was a big girl and left it at that.

A couple of days later she repeated the question. I repeated my previous response, this time helpfully adding that in order get earrings in they basically had to shoot a piece of metal into her ear. I pointed out that she should know this and know that it hurt, so that she was fully prepared for what happened when her turn came, way  WAAAAAY in the future. Big M has a bit of a low pain threshold, so I was hoping this new knowledge may put her off.

I mentioned she’d been asking the Piercing Question to Mr TOPP and he said she’d asked him a couple of times too. We agreed that we should discuss it further and decide an appropriate age for getting ears pierced. Mr TOPP is a boy, he has no clue. I was allowed to have mine done at 13. At the time I am sure my mum gave me a brilliant reason for this being the perfect age, but I am almost certain now that I am a grown up that she just chose it because it seemed a LONG way off.

You see, when I was 6, I was just like Big M. I desperately wanted my ears pierced. I begged and I cried and I bargained. To no avail. Once my mum gave me the 13 deadline, I remember sitting down and trying to work out exactly how many days it was until I could get my ears pierced. I gave up once the total was past 900. *sigh*

My cunning plan of putting her off with tales of pain and blood doesn’t appear to have worked. Over the last two days the Piercing Question has become more and more persistent. And this is despite having watched a little girl in Claire’s getting her ears pierced and screaming the house down.

While I am not against pierced ears (I had several earrings back in the day, plus a belly button ring) I am not sure that I want my 6 year old to have hers done just yet. Big M’s argument is that some of her friends have had theirs done (I remember saying the same when I was 6), but, just as my mum did, I have pointed out that that is up to their parents. Her ears are up to me and Mr TOPP.

So, my big Piercing Question is, what age were you allowed to have your ears pierced? How old were/are your kids allowed to get theirs done? How long do I need to put up with her nagging?

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