the TOPPs tied the knot

So we did it. Twenty years, two kids and proper jobs later, the TOPPs have finally tied the knot.

After weeks of preparation, including important research into married life, we spent Friday afternoon setting up the venue for the reception. My sister, aunties and uncles gave us a hand and in a few hours we were done. My fears that I would relive my childhood Blue Peter experiences (think washing up liquid bottles, cereal boxes and PVA colliding in a horrible sticky mess that looked nothing like Tracy Island) I was very relieved to find that what I had in my mind actually appeared in the room.

The day itself was perfect. The ceremony was at the Register Office, followed by the reception which included ceilidh dancing in the evening.

Our photographer was Jay. She was brilliant, and I can’t wait to see her pictures, even the ones that the register office lady insisted we posed for. Word of warning though: if you hire her for your wedding, be prepared to do KER-AY-ZEEE things. I may or may not have ridden a trike in my wedding dress.

Everyone always says that your wedding day goes by in a flash. It’s true, although I deliberately took time throughout the day to just stop and take it all in. Having a room full of people you love is just brilliant, and looking around the room at people laughing and enjoying themselves was really special.

Obviously I thought about my mum an awful lot, both in the run up to, and during the day. I missed her terribly, but I know that she would be beyond chuffed that Mr TOPP and I have finally tied the knot. Throughout the day there were little touches that were for my mum, that the family would recognise. She wasn’t there, but she was.

We fully expected to leave early, after a long and emotional day. But do you know what? We were the last to leave. About ten of us stayed until the end, dancing to classic tunes and having the best time. And then, en masse, we staggered through Birmingham city centre dropping our friends off at their various hotels on the way to ours. This is actually one of my favourite memories of the day – random drunk people shouting congratulations as we walked home in our wedding finery.

Four days later and my cheeks still ache from smiling.

Turns out married life is pretty cool.

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