musical toilets

Today is the first day of school. And because I don’t believe in easing back into the new school year gently I am setting you, good people of t’interweb some homework. A challenge if you will. Based on musical toilets.

No, really.

At the weekend I saw this sign in the ladies at a restaurant we were at.


I am a music teacher. How could I not investigate this further?

I discussed this with some friends on Saturday while we were all at a wedding. I know, I am such a good conversationalist. There was general pooh-poohing badumtish about the mere existence of musical toilets, but the next morning one of our friends sent me this


I am not a natural scientist but even I know that one toilet does not prove or disprove a theory. Secure in the knowledge that scored 15/15 in a Facebook “How Much Science Do You Know?” I tested our own toilet…


Not quite E flat, but closer.

And now it is over to you, my learned friends.

Your homework is to find out what key your toilet flushes in. The deadline is next Tuesday (9th September). Leave me a comment on this post, tweet or instagram me (@tiddlyompompom) making sure to tag using #MusicalToilets.

And together we will be doing actual science*. Which is kinda cool.


*I’m not sure that this would actually count as real, proper science, but if you wish to don a lab coat and goggles while you test the theory, go ahead. I won’t judge you.

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