chips off the old block

The Ms have always loved make doey. They each have a drawer under their beds which are full of craft kits and they love spending time making stuff. Thus far, they have not had the patience or the ability to sit still long enough to learn to sew or knit, despite being desperate to. This weekend, they wrote their letters to Father Christmas and asked for a sewing machine and sewing kit each. Hmmm.

Over the weekend they asked if they could learn to sew. I had plenty of felt left over from their superhero costumes so we decided to make some plushies. Mostly because I figured they would be quick and easy to do.

Big M grasped the idea of blanket stitch pretty quickly and was able to sit and sew independently.

big m learns to sew

Little M needed a bit more help but still managed to do quite a lot of the stitching by herself.

little m learns to sew

little m learns to sew

Both Ms were over the moon with what they had created, and are already planning what they are going to make next. Turns out they are proper little chips off the old block.


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