new year

Happy new year!

Christmas has been and gone in a blur of turkey, presents and children squeaking with delight.

And wine.


And so we start a new year.

I don’t do resolutions. I know myself well enough to know that I will break them within a day week month so I prefer not to set myself up to fail.

Despite the lack of resolutions, I do spend the first few days of the new year thinking about what I want to achieve, and where I want to be in a year’s time.

Having said that, I would never have thought 2013 would have turned out as it did.

Nor did I start 2014 thinking I would end it as a married woman.

(I still can’t quite believe I’m Mrs TOPP.)

But there you go.

Life has a funny old way of taking you down roads that you least expect. Both unpleasant and pleasant.

If 2013 taught me anything it is that life is too short.

If 2014 taught me anything it is that you should get on and do what you want to do while you can.

So, with that in mind, I have decided that 2015 is the Year of Doing Stuff.

I want to create things, blog, run, go out and explore the world with Mr TOPP and the Ms.

I have no idea where 2015 will take us.

It’ll be fun to find out.


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