now we are (not) six

Yesterday, while I was washing up Big M was practising moves for a dance she does. She asked me to watch, so I did.

She lay on the floor and bent her legs trying to touch her head with her toes.

It was at this point that I heard myself say “I used to be able to do that. Let’s see if I still can…”

I lay on the floor, and tried to touch my head with my toes. Because it seemed like a good idea. At the time.

Big M looked to see how I was doing. “You’re about a metre away mum. But it’s ok, I still love you.”

I got up, a little deflated, and got on with the washing up.

Today I have barely been able to walk thanks to a bad back. If you could see me going from sitting to standing it would be like watching the evolution of man. I get upright after approximately 9 steps, much to the amusement of year 11.

And so, I have learned a valuable life lesson: Do not attempt to do something that you could do when you were six when you are very much NOT six.

You live and learn.


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