Usually when we hit the school holidays it means I get time to post more here. Not so this time. And for a very good reason.

This morning, well before the sun came up, Mr TOPP set off for a three month stay in Rome. We have spent the first week of the holidays spending time together as a family before we had to say arrivederci.

Although the Ms knew he was going, it was only as they went to bed last night that it really hit them. Both got upset (understandably) when it was time to say goodnight to daddy for the last time for six weeks. I think that was when Mr TOPP started to wobble too.

Just after he left at 4.30am Little M woke up in tears.

Today was destined to involve chocolate and cuddles.

And the sunshine has helped too. In fact, today has been warmer here than in Rome.

The first thing we did this morning after coffee was print out calendars of the next four months for the wall and put key dates on. Most importantly when daddy is coming home for a week and when we are going to visit him.

I’m pretty sure that there will be difficult days in the next three months, but today the three of us have looked after each other, pottering around the garden, sneaking cuddles or holding hands when we needed to.

We’re going to be just fine.




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