made by me in april

This month has been a bit quiet on the making front. With Mr TOPP being away, life is suddenly an awful lot busier, and by the time I have done all my jobs and finished my work for the evening I am ready for my bed.

All together…


Still, I have been making steady progress on a blanket I decided to make. I have got some cheap wool from eBay and am making this. I need 192 squares. I have 3 colours which gives me 8 colour combinations, so by my reckoning I need 24 of each combination.



So far I have 29 in total. I’m hoping to be done by winter…

In other news, my sewing machine has been out again, and I made me a dress.

It was great to be sewing again, and now work is settling down a bit I am hoping to be doing more.

In fact, it being May tomorrow, I have been thinking about Me Made May. Last year I pledged to wear one thing a week that I had made myself. I was hoping to be able to pledge a whole lot more than that this year. But sadly not.

Instead, my Me Made May pledge for 2015 is to wear at least one item I have made myself each week, AND to make myself at least two more items of clothing by the end of May.

I have plenty of fabric just sitting waiting to be made into something beautiful. So hopefully in a month’s time I will have added to my wardrobe.

What did you make in April? Have you any must-make patterns that I should know about as I attempt to extend my self made wardrobe? I’d love to know!




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