Today our littlest M is 5.


How on earth did that happen?

As is now traditional in the TOPP house, my baby big girl and I sat down last night for a chat…

Me: Hello Little M.

Little M: *Looks suspiciously* Um, hi Mum.

Me: How old are you today?

Little M: Five.

Me: No… How old are you today?

Little M:  Five.

Me: Today?

Little M: FOUR!

Me: Yes, you’re four. How old will you be tomorrow?

Little M: Five.

Me: What’s been the best thing about being four?

Little M: Going to school.

Me: Going to school? Do you love school?

Little M: Yeah.

Me: What’s your favourite thing at school?

Little M: Hmmmm… Painting.

Me: And what have you learned to do while you’re at school?

Little M: Letters.

Me: Anything else?

Little M: Work.

Me: What’s your favourite colour?

Little M: Pink.

Me: What’s your favourite number?

Little M: Ten.

Me: Why ten?

Little M: Because I just do.

Me: Who loves you.

Little M: Nathaniel.

Me: Nathaniel?!!!!

Little M: *Gasps* *Puts hands to mouth*  Um yeah.

Me: Who’s Nathaniel?

Little M: He’s in my class.

Me: Is he your boyfriend?

Little M: Yeah. And he’s going to marry me.

Me: Is he? I did not know that. That’s pretty exciting news. Do you think you should have invited him to your party if you’re going to get married?

Little M: *shrugs*

Me: Does anyone else love you?

Little M: No.

Me: What? Nobody else in the whole world?

Little M: No.

Me: Well who do you love?

Little M: You.

Me: And do you not think that I might love you?

Little M: *nods*

Me: And does anybody else love you? Daddy? Big M?

Little M: *blinks*

Me: So who else do you love?

Little M: My cousins E and J.

Me: Dad?

Little M: Yeah.

Me: Big M?

Little M: Nope.

Me: Of course you do. What’s your favourite food?

Little M: Ummmm… potato.

Me: Any particular type of potato?

Little M: Boiled.

Me: Boiled potato is your favourite food in all the world?! What do you love about Daddy?

Little M: He’s good at making my birthday cake.

Me: You hope… What do you love about Mummy?

Little M: *thinks* *thinks some more* You’re nice to me.

Me: What do you love about Big M?

Little M: She plays with me.

Me: And what do you love about you?

Little M: Um… Playing with my friends.

Me: What are you going to have for your birthday tea?

Little M: Green pasta. Maybe with tuna and sweetcorn.

Me: And runny grobbles for pudding?

Little M: NO! Birthday cake.

Me: What kind of cake are you having?

Little M: A fire engine.

Me: Yum. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Little M: A teacher. But a teaching teacher, not a music teacher.

Me: Oh. Ok. Are you looking forward to being a grown up?

Little M: Yeah.

Me: Do you think you could stay little a little bit longer?

Little M: No.

Me: Oh.


Happy of happiest birthdays my little big girl. You’ll always be my baby, no matter how grown up you get.


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