party of five

The other day, when I posted Little M’s birthday interview on twitter with the title Five, this was the response I got from Gemma:

Well funny you should mention that Gemma…

No, I am NOT pregnant.

I repeat, we are NOT having another baby.

At least not a human one.

Mum always said that the time when you would naturally be having another baby is a dangerous time. When my brother was about three, she came home with a kitten, much to my dad’s disgust. I have wanted a puppy for a while, and I think Mr TOPP was kind of worried that he would come home from Italy to find one already moved in.

There was no puppy, but he has agreed that there can be.


In August we will be welcoming home our fur baby, and thereby becoming a party of five.


We are currently in negotiations about his name. I have the baby dictionary out, and suggestions are being made left right and centre.




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