survival of the ginnest – a review

I’ve never been much of a reader. I mean, I enjoy reading, it just takes me a long time to find a book I really want to read. In a bid to get myself to read more, I bought myself a kindle last year. One of the first books I downloaded was by my good twitter friend and online drinking buddy, Aimee Horton.


Here’s the blurb:

Meet Dottie Harris. Dottie spent her late 20s working her way up the career ladder, but things are about to change. In this modern-day diary, Dottie, after announcing her pregnancy, turns to social networking to build a new social life. She quickly begins to rely on it—along with gin—as a way to reach out and remind herself of the funny side of the frustrations of motherhood.

I recognised Dottie instantly. The sleepless nights, the baby sick, the trying-to-deal-with-small-children-while-slightly-hungover. The book is written entirely in Facebook status updates, which at first I thought might get annoying. But they don’t. In fact they make the book very quick, easy and fun to read. I laughed out loud, I tutted, I nodded as I read. I’m pretty certain I have posted at least 75% of Dotties’s statuses in not so many words over the years.

If you are looking for a quick, fun read then I can highly recommend this debut novella from Aimee.

And exciting news people! Survival of the Ginnest has just been published by Velvet Morning Press and you can now buy it in actual book form from . Whoop! Head over here to purchase your very own copy. You can find out more about Aimee, and up-coming Dottie news here.

Disclaimer: Aimee sent me a free copy of Survival of The Ginnest to read for the purposes of this review. I already had it, but I thought you should know that…


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