quotes of the week

Big M: Mum, do you ever get orange blood?

Me: I don’t think so. Although I guess some animals might have orange-ish blood…

Big M: No, do humans ever have orange blood

Me: No.

Big M: Oh thank GOODNESS! I have some orange on my and and thought I might be bleeding.


Dear 2B

On Sunday I flew with Little M and my mum to Rome (the capital of Italy). We saw the Colosseum, the place where romans fought. They fought other romans and sometimes animals. We also saw the Pantheon. It is a GIANT church with a GIANT hole in the roof. On Wednesday there was a big storm. It flooded the streets and we got soaked!

Love from

Big M x


Dear RB

I wet to ItLee. I wentn to the Coloseeum.

Love from Little M



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