quotes of the week

Big M: We will need to take Dougie to the vets to have his injections when we get them.

Me: We will.

Big M: And there might be other dogs there. Do you think he’ll play with them?

Me: Probably not, dogs usually don’t like going to the vets.

Little M: That’s right. I read a book about it at school. Dogs don’t like going to the vets so you have to call the the Vee Eee Tee.


11pm. Little M is sleeping in my bed as she is poorly.

Little M: Mummy, what’s that sound?

Me: That’s a siren.

Little M: What? There are ambulances and fire engines  and police in the middle of the night?

Me: Yes. They work all day and all night so that they can help people when they need to.

Little M: Wow! I thought the roads shut at night time.



Little M: I wonder when we will have a fire at school…

Me: Well, I would hope never.

Little M: But mum, we keep practising for the fire, but we still haven’t had one!



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