quotes of the week

Me: I am so excited that you are coming to watch my show tomorrow.

Little M: Mum, will you be doing the magic again?

Me: Huh? What magic?

Little M: You know. When you wave the wand and the band play.

Me: Oh. You mean conducting…


Watching Horrible Histories, Mary I song comes on.

Little M: Mum, is that Mary?

Me: Yes. Queen Mary the first.

Little M: Jesuses mum?

Me: No, that was a different Mary.

Little M: So Jesuses mum was Mary the second.


Little M: Mum, I know how people get to be people.

Me: Really?

Little M: Yes. First you start out as a little monkey. Then you grow into a great big gorilla. Then when it’s your birthday you turn into a person.

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